Weight loss motivation, why is it so crucial to your success? You hear it ALL the time in weight loss, “motivation.” If you’re wanting to lose weight, there’s likely a reason behind it. Your health is the most common answer we here. Why are you here to lose weight?


For most of you, something has likely changed in your life. If not, maybe you’re hear seeking motivation. What ever the reason may be, we want to be your weight moss motivation. We want to inspire you to reach for the stars and get healthy. Here’s some other motivational factors in healthy weight loss.


Losing Weight For You


You deserve to be happy, feel good and feel beautiful. Losing some extra weight will likely make you feel ten times better, right? Maybe you’re wanting to change bad habits or perhaps it’s another reason. Most importantly, you should be losing weight for you.


You’ll find that there’s a lot of different weight loss motivation factors in life that can help drive to you to weight loss success.


All of us are at different levels in our weight loss journey. Many of you are likely just beginning, or thinking about the journey ahead.


Health Concerns


Yes, health concerns are the number one reason why men and women choose to lose weight. Obesity is a disease that kills a lot of people around the world. Nearly all cases are preventable, that’s the sad truth. If you’re living an unhealthy life, eventually it will catch up to you and you will pay for it.


When you’re overweight and obese, it’s difficult to lose weight. However, it’s not impossible. You have to start somewhere. What happens if mommy or daddy is gone tomorrow? It’s not my job to put the fear of God in you, but this is just the cold hard truth some of you are facing. You only get one life, you HAVE to make it count for something.




When health concerns are at state, you may be looking at the very reason of being here, being alive for your weight loss. Having the support of your family, your parents, close to kin, your children, this can be very motivational. A lot of this relates to health concerns and the thought of you being gone forever over your health.


Your family needs you, your children need you. How many people depend on you right this very minute? This should be enough to motivate us all.


Tired Of Feeling Sick And Tired


Tired of feeling sick and tired? As humans, we can only endure so much. If you’re tired of waking up and feeling like s***, I hear you loud and clear.


If you’re out of shape, you’ll know it. Trying to catch your breath after walking up a few stairs? Not sleeping as you should? Being unhealthy, we can experience many things that can point back to our health. Throughout the day, it only gets worse. It’s time to make the changes you need in life.




Other changes in your life can also spark your motivation. A new job, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, even a new location can be enough to spark your interest to lose weight. If you’re on a new journey in life, this could be exactly what you needed to get motivated to lose that weight.


Made Fun Of You


Kids can be nasty, that’s just the truth. While words should always be took with a grain of salt, there’s no denying that words can hurt the soul. Children say hurtful things all the time. If you were picked on as a kid, it could have caused you to be the way you are. It happens.


While you should never let anyone cut you down with words, you can flip the script by using those words for your own motivation.




Another popular reason men and women lose weight is due to their appearance. It can be tough taking a look in the mirror when you’re overweight and hate the way your body looks. Many of us have been in your shoes.


Deep down inside, all of us want to look and feel beautiful. It can be a big motivational factor for us to stick with a weight loss program.


Positive Example, Success Story


Are you losing weight to be a positive influence for your children? If so, that’s a great reason. Our children look to us for guidance and it’s our responsibility to make sure they are raised right. We teach them about life, teach them right from wrong. If you see your parents eating unhealthy and not caring about their health and appearance, your children have a good opportunity to follow the same practices.


We want you to be your children’s success story. Don’t only use it to motivate yourself, use it to motivate your children also.


Weight Loss Classes


Hometown Fitness has a wide range of weight loss classes to fit your needs and schedule. From Zumba and Yoga to PiYo and Body Pump, we have a wide list of options to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


We have classes scheduled all week long, so be sure to check out our fitness schedule.


Did Hometown Fitness Change Your Life?


At Hometown Fitness, we’re all about giving back and inspiring others. We’ve had countless weight loss success stories over the years. We’ve been part of the weight loss motivation here in Plainsfield for years.

Do you want to share your own weight loss story to motivate others? Contact us today and learn how your story can be published.



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