Set Weight Loss Goals

Some may frown upon the importance of weight loss goals, others may not or perhaps you have your own opinion. However, weight loss goals are just like any other goal you set for yourself. Goals give you a target, something to achieve, a measurement to work toward. Can weight loss goals be the difference between success and failure? What do you think? Oh yeah, it certainly can be and here’s why.


When you set goals for yourself, it keeps you focused. It keeps you hungry and keeps you motivated.


It’s More Than Just Weight Loss 

Most of us that want to lose weight are looking for much more than just the weight loss. We’re looking to change our lifestyle, right? We’re making changes in our life and starting to focus more on our overall health.


TIP: While it’s important to set weight loss goals, you need to remember that those goals need to be realistic goals. There’s nothing wrong with starting out slow, using minimal numbers. A few pounds here and there are still significant. So ALWAYS make sure the weight loss goals you set can be reached.


We want to set you up for weight loss success. So how do we do this?


First, we define what weight loss goals can be. Weight loss success can be results. Results will always speak volume. Even so, it can also be the process of losing weight that represents success. If you have lost 5 pounds a month for 6 straight months, that’s still a success. Very important to remember this as you journey down this new path in life.


Just like with any pre-determined plan, you have different steps. Step one, step two, ect. And this points back to what I said earlier, discussing setting realistic weight goals.


These would be known as process goals. Why? Because these goals are a part of the process of losing weight.


It’s also important to note how you perceive your goals and success. Losing 5 pounds is still a success, losing 20 pounds is still a success. So we have to keep this in mind, even if we don’t reach the exact milestone we set. It’s going to happen.


TIP: Process goals can represent different achievements in your weight loss journey. A process goal doesn’t always have to be symbolized as actual weight loss. It could be walking 2 miles, exercising for 60 minutes or going on an Paleo diet. 


Setting Realistic Goals

I know I’ve said it time and time again, but setting realistic goals are going to be very important for your journey. We have some tips to help you set realistic goals. One of the best ways to ensure you follow your goals is accountability. So we want to give you a checklist that you can follow. You can bookmark this page or print it off.


Weight Loss Checklist


  • Reachable Goals – A lot will depend on how much weight you need to lose. Some of you may only need to lose a few pounds while others may need to lose 50 pounds, 100 pounds. While exercise is a part of the process of losing weight, changing your eating habits is equally important. Everything you do much be reachable. That goes for exercise, eating and calorie counting.
  • Meal Planning – Once you know your calorie count and where you need to aim, you’ll be able to plan out your meals. Be careful counting calories. You can map out the calories of certain foods, this can be your cheat sheet. I’d recommend preparing at least 4 days in advance, up to a week.
  • Exercise Planning – Again, this will determine on the amount of weight you need to lose. You’ll be able to plan your exercising also. This can be done for the month, two weeks or weekly as needed. There’s a handful of mobile apps to help with this, calorie counting also. Take the time to read some app reviews and find something helpful.
  • Be Specific – Everything you do needs to be exactly specific, especially when counting calories, but also meal and exercise planning.
  • Track Everything – I’m sure you may be thinking this is a lot of writing. I want to teach you accountability. Tracking everything you do. During this process, you may be talking to our health and fitness experts at Hometown Fitness. You may be back and forth to your doctor, I encourage you to keep track of this. This is why I suggest using a checklist.


Short-Term And Long-Term Goals

It’s very important to know that weight loss success does not happen overnight. The weight loss journey you’re on can take weeks, months. All of us our different, we’re unique and our bodies react differently. I want you to see the big picture though. You’re on your way to losing weight, feeling stronger, looking better and getting healthy. I want you to be excited about this, I want you to be motivated. You should be happy and ready to go. This is your path to a new you!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our health experts at Hometown Fitness have decades of weight loss experience. In fact, come down and see us! We’d love to talk to you about your weight loss goals. Always, you can use our contact form or connect with us on social media. I wish you ALL the best of luck. Congrats on this new journey and remember, NEVER GIVE UP! You can do this.


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