SGT - Small Group Training

Small Group Training or SGT takes the benefits of one on one personal training and the peer support of group fitness classes and combines them into a single, short duration workout instructed by personal trainers and limited in class size to six people. No matter what your fitness level, you will get the most out of these classes since the trainers are there to provide modifications and adjust your form to help you maximize the workout. They will also provide all the encouragement and motivation you will need to get through the workout. Stand alone, our SGT Training is great, but pair it with personal training and you will get a personal program suited to your goals and designed to provide rapid results

All NEW Polar Heart Rate System Class 

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Battle for a fitter, faster, leaner, stronger YOU. Battle because you need it. Battle because you want it. Battle for results. Get ready for battle with this hard-core, sweat-fest utilizing the toughest fitness equipment around.  This Battle Ropes class combines strength and explosiveness to activate and integrate all the major muscle groups for a complete and total body workout with an emphasis on core stability.  Get ready to make some serious waves!


Seamlessly combining multi-level cardio moves with unique strength training exercises, the RIP trainer is total-body, total-metabolic workout that will have you burning calories long after the workout is over.  Attack your fitness goals head on with this awesome, training regimen that is tailor made for every fitness level. Rip Training provides a unique mix of core stability, strength, metabolic conditioning, balance and coordination exercises.


Focus on your physical body and on the education behind fitness. Aid in rehabilitation and strengthing the body.


Daily WOD –  “Workout of the day” is a combination of cardiovascular, strength, agility, flexibility, coordination, and so much more!  We can guarantee that you have never had a workout experience like this before. WE PROMISE!


Kickboxing utilizing our water heavy bags.  These bags are softer and more forgiving than standard heavy bags.  The water absorbs the impact; plyometrics, dynamic strength training, isometrics, core strengthening and a mix of cardiovascular movements to help reach your goals and get results!

Why SGT?

SGT provides you with the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility that you need for your daily life routines. SGT will take your current exercise routine to a whole new level. (Click to Tweet)

SGT And Weight Loss

SGT is done in a stand alone studio so you never have to worry about who’s watching. You can just focus on your workout. If you’re looking to lose weight, just starting an exercise routine, or are struggling at a plateau in your weight loss, “SGT may be just the thing you need.” (Click to Tweet)

SGT Costs?

We have bulk SGT packages available as well as memberships that include 4, 8, or 12 sessions a month. Stop in and inquire about the price and you will be surprised how affordable your custom fitness can be.

Our SGT Sessions Are Cutting Edge Fitness

Our SGT Sessions are like no other fitness sessions taught in the state. SGT is always changing as we continuously add new classes to push the limits. If you want quick results, our SGT Training is what you need.

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