Mary Bina

Mary Bina

Personal Trainer & Fitness Director

Certifications & Experience:

  • -Silver Sneakers Certified
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Northern Illinois University and a Minor in Health Education,


I love to run, but I keep it in perspective.  Music moves me, so I feel that this is why I love to run, and I am grateful to still be doing it after all these years!  Most importantly, I enjoy spending time with my family! Over 20 years of Personal Training experience. Staring with, Westbank Health & Fitness Center in Batavia, IL, where I mainly performed one-on-one Personal Training sessions.  Self-Employed business owner with “Home-Fit”, In-Home Personal training Business for one year also in Batavia, IL.  Next, one-on- one Personal Training, at Edward Health & Fitness Center in Naperville, IL.  


Message from Mary,

Always work hard toward a goal and never give up!  We may work harder at times or not so hard at times, but we NEVER give up!

 My strengths are:

I enjoy designing safe and effective individualized fitness programs for my clients.  I believe proper form equals desired results, and being a “good” listener equals happy clients.


Favorite type of Exercise

Strength training

Favorite quote

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”


Diet tips

“Never overindulge, but don’t deprive! Always practice portion control whenever you can.”


Advice to those who are new to exercise

Take it slow and start at a comfortable level and pick a mode you’re familiar with thats aerobic in nature; such as, the treadmill for walking.

Brian Hafner

Brian Hafner

Personal Trainer

Certifications & Experience:

  • NCSF CPT – 2016
  • Martial Arts Instructor 1993 – Present
  • Amateur Boxing Coach 2009



Bio for Brian:

Brian is from Joliet Illinois. He is a husband as well as a father of two boys. Since 2004 he has been a youth baseball coach for the ages of 4 – 16 years old. He has also been a Martial Arts instructor since 1993. He has always been involved in fitness and coaching.


Message from Brian

I’ve always been into fitness and coaching.


Activities Brian takes part in include:

Coaching, physical activity to include weights/cardio & mixed martial arts


Core Philosophy

Basically, teach them to fish they will never be hungry. Everyone eventually discontinues personal training eventually. If you teach them how to workout, they will train forever. This will also promote the business by word of mouth through customer satisfaction.


Marenda Eison

Marenda Eison

Personal Trainer & Group Instructor


Certifications & Experience

AFAA Certified in Indoor Cycling
Les Mills BodyPump
MOSSA Group Power
Group Fitness/PT FiTOUR
Favorite Quote
“pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”



Detroit, MI


Favorite thing about training others:
Seeing the joy and excitement in peoples faces as they reach and accomplish their fitness and life goals…. notjust for fitness but for a healthier more purposeful life.

What is an obstacle you’ve found and overcame with you’re own training?
Over-training and WINE.

Quote from Marenda 

“It’s easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle if you work on making health/fitness a family affair/lifestyle instead of just “your” lifestyle.”

A J Kuban

A J Kuban

Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications:

  • National Personal Training Institute Diploma
  • NPTI Nutrition Certification
  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Certification for TrainingVeterans
  • Heartsaver CPR and AED

Aj’s bio

I graduated from the National Personal Training Institute with a diploma in personal training. In addition, I graduated with a 100 hours nutrition certification. I also attend JJC as I work toward a degree in Applied Science. I started my athletic career at a young age, which continues through adulthood.  I have played basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling, and rugby.  I currently play rugby for the Chicago Blaze 15’s and 7’s teams. I have also played for the CARFU (Chicago Area Rugby Union) collegiate select side.

Message from AJ

My philosophy is quite simple; work hard and push yourself. Whether your goals are to gain strength, muscle, tone, loose weight or body fat it all comes down to hard work and dedication.  In addition to exercise, you must focus on nutrition, which also plays a huge role in achieving your goals. If you are willing to work hard at the gym than you should also be willing to work equally hard outside of the gym.

Chelsea McCoy

Chelsea McCoy

Personal Trainer


Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED

NPTI (National Personal Training Institute)


Chelsea McCoy is a certified Personal Trainer through NPTI (National Personal Training Institute). At NPTI she participated in a 500-hour certification program which consisted of 100 hours in anatomy physiology, 100 hours in nutrition, 100 hours of biomechanics and 200 hours of practical.  After completing 500-hours, she graduated with a diploma in personal training. She is currently attending JJC (Joliet Junior College) for her Associates in Applied Science. Chelsea specializes in strength training, weight loss, and high risk clients. She has been an athlete her whole life participating in cheerleading, volleyball, and basketball.  She was on the IL State varsity poms team in high school and is currently a Natural National NPC Bikini Competitor. Chelsea has competed in three bodybuilding shows.  She has placed top five out of 20+ women in all three competitions. She received 4th at the Chi-Town Showdown, 5th at NPC Continental, and 5th at NPC Natural Muscle Classic. Chelsea enjoys hiking, bicycling, running in 5K marathons, participating in Spartan races, and weight training!

Message from Chelsea

  It’s hard, it’s supposed to be hard. If its easy everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great! You have to be stronger than your strongest excuse. The process should have nothing to do with competing, it should have to do with beating yourself. You should never want to look like anyone but yourself. You should strive to be a better version of yourself. Don’t battle with somebody else. Have your own set standards because when you start competing with somebody else you lose yourself. At the end of the day if you lose yourself then what’s the point? Be a better imagine of yourself!

Kevin R.

Kevin R.

Personal Trainer

Certifications & Experience:

  • -ISSA Certified
  • -Trainer at Extreme Speed Gym



Personal Background:

Played football and baseball at Plainfield Central High School. Went onto play baseball at Lewis University from 2011-2013. Currently I am a baseball coach at Plainfield Central High School, and assist with their weightlifting program. 

Message from Ryan

 As a Personal Trainer, I like to train clients through circuit training. With going station to station performing intense exercises, high reps, and with very little time to rest in between each exercise, I want to push clients to new limits. By completing the work out, I want to show clients how far they can go.

Lindsay Bjekich Pearl

Lindsay Bjekich Pearl

Assistant General Manger Personal Trainer & Group Trainer

  • Certified ACSM Health  Fitness Specialist
  •  Crossfit Level 1 Coach


Born and raised right here in the Joliet/Shorewood area.  I’ve lived here my entire life except from 2002-2011 when I lived in Iowa City, IA.  University of Iowa Alum, Go Hawkeyes! I am married with 3 wonderful kids.  2 beautiful albeit very strong willed daughters (almost 4 and 2) and a super sweet easy going son who is almost 5 months old.   I am very excited to be working here at Hometown and can’t wait to get to know everyone.



Favorite quotes:

I love quotes but 2 of my favorites:


“Don’t give up because you’ve had a bad day.  Forgive yourself and do better tomorrow”

“Everything is hard before it gets easy”


Favorite part of training

I love working with people and seeing them make positive changes to their life and just start to feel better about themselves inside and out.


Biggest obstacle in your her training:

I can’t think of one specific obstacle, I think we are always overcoming obstacles especially when we get stagnant in our workouts.  Your body thrives on change so anytime I feel myself stuck I just mix stuff up and hope I see positive changes


Stacy Cammack

Stacy Cammack

Group & Personal Trainer


  • Certified as a personal trainer
  • NPTI 2008.
  • Silver sneaker,
  • Body Pump
  • trx
  • water in motion
  • Spin- SchwinnBio

Personal Trainer, bootcamp instructor, Zumba instructor.  Have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years.  My training started as a karate instructor (weapons, kata, sparring) which led to boot camp instructor at Hometown Fitness.  My goals as an instructor are to keep my classes challenging and to help members achieve their fitness goals.  I love doing what I do at Hometown so therefore, I make it my mission to instruct, guide, and motivate to the best of my ability.  

Message from Stacy

Any other additional information you would like to be a part of your biography? I was not a big team or sports oriented person, in my teens or 20’s. Later 20’s I started working out at home. In my 30’s I started attending a gym and thought it would be great to train others. I am an older trainer 48 years old. And I feel great and I really enjoy training men and women 40’s,50’s and older.

Favorite thing about training

Helping people accomplish small term goals & long term

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcame from your own training:

Confidence, with groups of people

Melody Smolik

Melody Smolik

Group & Personal Trainer


  • Certified as a personal trainer


Message from Melody

I’m  from Downers Grove  originally  but live  in Plainfield now with my family.
Favorite Quote

“Live and let live”

I get caught up in commentating  on other’s  lives and choices. This phrase reminds  me to  live my life, let silly things rolling off my back and also realize  I don’t  know  what  drives people  to do what they do!




Message from  Melody

I  love working at HTF because  the members  and staff  are all so down  to earth. I love the variety  of clients I work with and I love the support I have from fellow trainers.


Favorite thing about training others

I’m  a people person so in addition  to really desiring to challenge and encourage  my clients,  I feel honored that they let me in their lives  and share stories  with me! I train all women  currently  and it’s heartwarming  to see how we are all on this path of life together, trying to keep fit  and take time  for ourselves to be healthy


Biggest obstacle in her own training shes overcame

The biggest obstacle  I’ve  experienced  happened  as soon as I started  training  and realized  everyone  doesn’t  want to train the same way I train  MYSELF!! I love  lifting  weights  and could  do that all day every day. I’ve  been challenged  and personally  motivated to find  and create a wide variety of workouts  that meet the needs of all different  goals. In addition  I’ve grown in  my personal  fitness  life by thinking  outside  my mindset and incorporating new ideas for myself as well.