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Plainfield’s Affordable, State of the
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Hometown Fitness is designed as a fun, affordable, state of the art fitness center in the heart of Plainfield, Illinois. Hometown Fitness is the best upscale adult fitness club in the area. The attentive and knowledgeable staff maximize use of a variety state of the art equipment and a clean, comfortable facility. The Hometown Fitness family takes pride in our staff and facilities and know that after one workout, you will come back.  If you appreciate quality, state of the art equipment, cleanliness and a friendly staff, look no further than Hometown Fitness.

Hometown Fitness

gives members of our community a fun, affordable, state of the art fitness club at the center of Plainfield, Illinois. Hometown Fitness is a family-friendly, modern facility with child-care, group classes, personal training, small group training, smoothie bar and more! You wont find quality like this anywhere in Plainfield!


,Hometown Fitness is located near downtown Plainfield, just south of Renwick Road off Route 59. Hometown Fitness offers underground parking and is the undisputed best value in fitness. Hometown Fitness offers a community-oriented atmosphere unique to the area. You'll find a warm, welcoming staff accompanied by a friendly, clean, spacious work-out environment. Hometown Fitness offers unparalleled amenities, including childcare services, clothing, and even a smoothie bar! You wont find these amenities at the bargain basement discount clubs!

Vic P.

General Manager

Contact: 815.609.0212


Lindsay P.

Assistant General Manager

Contact: 815.609.0212

Mary B.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Director

Contact: 815.609.0212


Fitness Club And Childcare Hours

Club Hours

Monday-Friday: 5AM-10PM
Saturday-Sunday: 7AM-5PM

Childcare Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-12:30PM
Saturday: 8AM-11AM

Why Choose Hometown Fitness?

We know you have many options when it comes to your fitness options. We want Hometown to be a great fit for you. This is why we offer a FREE 7 day guest pass. During this time you can get full access to what we have to offer. Our members refer to us as the “hidden gem of Plainfield”.


Why drop your kids off at a daycare center when you can bring them along to our fitness center? Our kids room offer the ultimate convenience for parents. You can enjoy your workouts and let us keep an eye on your kids at the same time.

Reasonable Rates

Of course, we understand budget is a concern for most people.  Here, at Hometown Fitness, we offer the most reasonable rates ever! 

Special Attention

We pay special attention to our members. If they have particular needs or requirements, our staff will work hard to fulfill them, while you enjoy your workout. 

3D body scan

Hometown Fitness is the ONLY fitness center that even offers a 3D Body Scan in the western burbs. This non-invasive scan takes only 35 seconds for the scan and about 20 minutes to go thru the results with a certified trainer. Share your multiple page  results with your doctor, trainer, or anyone else you choose. Technology is precise and amazing!

Amenities that other Fitness Centers may not offer

  • Underground Parking
  • Smoothie Bar
  • On Demand Video Classes
  • 3D Body Scan
  • Fitness Clothing
  • Outdoor Area for Tire Flips and workouts
  • Hospital Grade Cleanliness
  • Small Group Training
  • Personal Training
  • FREE Group Classes

Why a 3D Body Scan at Hometown Fitness?

  • Non-Invasive
  • Scan takes only 35 seconds with precise results
  • Evaluate your full body shape and composition
  • Track baseline circumference like hip, thigh, waist, bust and more
  • Calculate RMR, BMR, and Caloric Intake
  • Measure Bone, Adipose Tissue(fat), Muscle Mass and more
  • Receive pages of data about your current health
  • Only scan of its kind in Northeast Illinois

Our Kids Room

Kids Corner includes the

  • Staffed by experienced and caring providers
  • Clean and safe environment
  • From newborn to preteen (from six weeks and up to 12 years)
  • Structured activities and games
  • Replacement and cleaning of toys on a regular basis
  • Private bathroom facilities
  • Standardized policies and procedures

Our “Kids Corner” Hours:

Hours of operation

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 12:30pm

Saturday: 8:00am – 11:00am

Kids Room Policies and Procedures

The kids room services we provide require that all parents follow simple policies and procedures which are necessary for the safety and enjoyment of all the children. For questions regarding our childcare policies,
please contact 815-609-0212

Abbreviated Childcare

Childcare availability may change if the club opens late or closes early due to inclement weather.

During periods of adverse weather conditions, please call the club at 815-609-0212 for the latest information.

Our Smoothie Bar


Every choice you make at our smoothie bar is a good one! We purposefully make delicious, good-for-you smoothies using only the best fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and natural ingredients to help you fuel up or recover faster! You do not have to sacrifice taste for a healthy alternative. Try one of our smoothies and you will not be disappointed. Our smoothie bar is one-of-a-kind experience in the greater Plainfield area!

We use the healthiest ingredients!

  • Almond Butter
  • Almond Milk
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Veggies
  • Premium Whey Isolate Protein


Where are we located?

16108 Route 59 Plainfield, IL 60544

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