Here are our latest and greatest success stories by our amazing trainers!



Kathleen (Kathie) Kahovec

Personal Trainer:

Mary Bina

Here is Kathie’s success story…

Kathie was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in November of 2013. On Christmas Eve, she received her first bout of treatment.

Not sure of how this life-altering condition would affect her, Kathie turned to eating right and working out at Hometown Fitness. She felt a little uneasy about embarking on this journey on her own, but owner, Vic with the rest of the staff helped her feel right at home! Kathie was amazed at how important proper form and technique was to a successful workout program, and credits good eating and working out at Hometown as the reason she’s still going strong after two intense bouts of chemotherapy.

She continues to feel stronger physically and mentally because of the support and training received through hometown. Kathie shared that even though many times she did feel tired and weak….she always felt better after she was done working out! I hope you’ve been inspired by this story to Keep moving forward & reaching your goals!?? Don’t Forget to check this video out on YouTube and subscribe for more inspiration and successes!




Butch Keene.

Personal Trainer :


“He has been my client for the past 1-1/2yrs, and has stayed committed to reaching his goals of weight loss and increasing overall flexibility.”

Butch “before training at Hometown Fitness, my workouts were inconsistent with poor technique and ineffective in improving my health and physical condition.”

Since working out at Hometown, Butch has now improved his endurance and sustained weight control which he believes is due to exercise and keeping a food journal.

Finally, Butch is ecstatic that he can enjoy activities such as, skiing and traveling far more now that he’s in better shape.  He is in great spirits as well  “exercise and personal training is an effective and fun way of reaching my goals.”  He is now enjoying the journey!




Betty P

(Trainer-Mary B)

Gave up chocolate and lost 10 pounds!



Marjorie U

(Trainer- Chelsea M) 

A young woman met with her trainer and improved her eating habits and overall health by adhering to her fitness program!



(Trainer-Melody S)

I can now balance on both feet on a stability ball and do manly push-ups!:)


Jodi R

(Trainer-Minerva B)

Lost 12pounds while working with a trainer.


Ellen A 

(Trainer-Minerva B)

Lost 60lbs through diet modification and working with her trainer.


Joe S

(Trainer- Brian H)

A middle-aged man who still pitches in baseball, and found it hard to pitch longer than 3 innings without fatigue and soreness.  After working with a trainer, he can not only finish the game, but he can also pitch the next day!



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