Are There Lockers Available?

Yes, full locker facilities are provided to every member of the HomeTown Fitness family where you can store your important belongings and clothes.

I Am A Student And I Want To Become A Member. Is It Possible?

Yes, of course! At HomeTown Fitness we truly believe age is just a number. Therefore, if you are willing to achieve your fitness goals, become a member right away. We have special student membership rates.

How old do you have to be to workout at Hometown Fitness?

The minimum age to workout in our facility is 13 years old. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a parent during their work out.

What Does My Membership At Hometown Fitness Include?

Here at HomeTown Fitness members can take advantage of free indoor parking, personal training, commercial strength and cardiovascular equipment, full locker facilities, juice bars, and access to over 130 small group exercises classes. Every new member will receive a free 30 to 45-minute personal training assessment with their membership.

How Long Is The Personal Training Session?

Our personal training sessions are generally 30 to 60 minutes long in which you will be working out and exercising with one of our fitness trainers. Your trainer will create a personalized workout and diet plan for you to meet your fitness needs.

How Do I Start With The Group Exercise Classes?

Once you become a member, you can join any group exercise class you are interested in. Click the ‘Group Exercise Classes’ tab on the top left corner to look at our group exercise class schedule.

What Equipment Does Your Fitness Centre Have?

At HomeTown Fitness, you get to use some of the best commercial equipment. From cardiovascular to strength equipments, we have it all. In addition, our fitness staff is available to answer any and all questions regarding the proper use of the training and fitness equipment.

What Is A Guest Pass And How Do I Get One?

A guest pass will allow you to receive a club tour and give you access to all of our fitness center’s amenities. If it’s the guest’s first time, the pass is free. You can request for the guess pass from this website by simply clicking on the ‘Get a Free Pass’ tab.

What Can My Online Membership ID Be Used For?

Your online account will allow you to add family members, update address and billing information, and view payment history. You can even take a look at your workout history and determine the improvements which you have to make.

Can I Freeze My Membership?

Of course, you can consult any of our billing or staff members and bring along all necessary paperwork after which you can freeze your membership for up to four months. A freeze form must be filled out in order to freeze your membership. Please note monthly billing will resume on frozen memberships automatically after the third month. In addition, memberships can be frozen only once in a year.

How Does The Billing System Work?

The billing is done via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Your membership dues will be billed electronically to your credit or debit card or checking account each month. This billing process occurs normally on the first of every month or the last day of the month, but if it’s a weekend, it will be done on the next business day.

Do I Get A Billing Receipt?

Usually, our members go with their account statements. But, nevertheless if you want a billing receipt each month, you can call us or email us anytime. Your request will be processed within 10 days. In addition, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the billing process, feel free to ask any of our staff members.

My Address Has Been Changed, What Should I Do?

Please note it is important you update us of any changes to your contact information. This is because we send out important billing mails each month. You can update your information online or perhaps consider visiting the club.

Is There A Process To Change The Checking Account Or Credit Card Information?

Yes, of course there is. You have nothing to worry about. Simply visit our club and update the billing representative on any changes. But make sure to update your billing information before the 1st of the month so that there are no errors in the billing process. Please change this information as soon as possible so that your account does not incur overdue charges.

Do Members Receive A Notice For An Increase In Membership Rates?

At HomeTown Fitness, regarding the billing, you don’t have to worry about anything. If there is a slight increase in the rates, we will inform you by email with the price notification, minimum 30 days before the actual increase.

How Can I Cancel My Membership?

If you decide you want to cancel your membership, simply come to Hometown Fitness and fill out a cancellation form. If you have moved and it’s not possible to visit our fitness center, you can send us a mail requesting cancellation of your membership along with a copy of your drivers license showing the new address. Please mail cancellation forms to the correct address and NOT the fitness center address. Mailed requests and forms must be sent to Hometown Fitness P.O. Box 6452 Aurora, IL. 60598. Please understand that your membership will be cancelled 30 days after we have entered your cancellation request into our system. We are not responsible for any forms lost in mail. You may reinstate your membership within 90 days without incurring any joining fees.

Who Can I Consult With If I Have To Make Any Changes?

You can consult with or inform any of our staff members who will then guide you through the whole membership and changes process. Feel free to ask our staff members any questions regarding payments, changes of name, address, billing date, billing information, and freezing and un-freezing membership.