Our 90 Day Challenge Is Currently Closed – Stay Tune For The Next One!

90 Day Challenge

Would you like to transform your health and life? 

Our You Up To A Challenge?

Are you willing to push yourself to get your health back on track?

What If We Paid You $1,000?

What gives with all the questions and are you serious? YOU BET!

We all need a little MOTIVATION to accomplish our goals in life, especially when it comes to the most important thing you have, “Your Health.”

Welcome to Hometown Fitness’ 90 Day Challenge!

And yes, we’re giving away $1,000 cold hard cash to the WINNER!

That’s not the only prize we’re giving away, we have MANY prizes and raffles to give away during our 90 Day Challenge.

We’re super excited to get started and the start date is quickly approaching.

Here’s what you need to know;

April 24th To July 16th (Schedule)

Our 90 Day Challenge gets kicked off on April 24th and will last until July 16th.

MEMBERS: $99 Fee – Includes 3 SGT Classes per week of their choosing; access to the SGT Room, T-Shirt, Water Bottle, Nutritional Counseling every week; Special PT discount prices. If a member brings in a non-member to do our Challenge, they will receive a $20 discount. That means members can join for only $79!!!

NON MEMBERS: $149 and includes a discounted membership at $15/month; 2 SGT Classes per week; Access to the SGT Room, T-Shirt, Water Bottle, Nutritional Counseling every week; PT discounts.

*You won’t find a more dedicated team wanting to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our whole team is made up of men and women JUST LIKE YOU. We’ve been where you are now, we understand your struggles, frustrations, and pains. The 90 Day Challenge is the perfect program to start in, don’t miss the opportunity to give your health and life a second chance!

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