3D Body Scan

Styku 3D Body Scanning: High Tech Body Fat Testing for a Healthier You

Forget the calipers and burn your tape measure. There’s a better way to analyze your body composition, track your fitness progress, and watch your shape change. 

Hometown Fitness has gone high tech with the most innovative tool for body fat testing in the Western suburbs. When you sign up as a gym member with us, you’ll kick it off with your own Styku3D body scan.

Don’t worry, the results are just between you and your trainer (and whoever you decide to share them with), but you definitely want to take advantage of this 3D Body Scanner. That way, you have a starting point, so you can watch your progress -and see what you achieve after sweating it out on our state of the art Life Fitness Equipment

If you haven’t heard of Styku yet, don’t worry. Everything you need to know is right here.

What is Styku?

Styku is a 3D body scanner that is the latest in high tech body fat testing. This innovative fitness tool delivers millions of measurements (with a margin of error that is less than 1%) to create a 3D image of your body in less than a minute. It does a lot more than just take measurements, though. It analyzes those measurements to determine your body fat percentage, body volume, and even identify your risk for certain health conditions.

No more twisting around in a full-length mirror to see where all those cookies went. The 3D model gives you a complete view of your body from all sides, so you can have a realistic, complete view, front to back. See what needs to be lifted and tightened, and then see what all those miles on the treadmill do to transform you.

Best of all, there are no age, weight, or fitness restrictions. Anyone can take advantage of Styku’s many health benefits, making it the ultimate wellness tool.

How does it work?

Getting your 3D body scan with Styku couldn’t be easier. Simply stand on the turntable and stay completely still for just 30 seconds. The platform will slowly rotate while the 3D camera does its thing, taking more than 600 high resolution, infrared images of your entire body. That’s it. In seconds you have access to a comprehensive digital report containing much more than your measurements. Watch your hard work pay off as your body shape changes and your health risks are lowered.

Once the 3D model of your body is made, Styku uses advanced technology in feature recognition to identify specific base points such as your waist, hips, and bust. It analyzes that information to create measurements including volume, circumferences, and surface areas so that you get a more accurate, detailed picture of the size and shape you really are – not the distorted, usually larger version that our minds often trick us into believing. You can view the model of your body from all sides and even zoom in or any area you like. 

Why is 3D imaging better?

Understanding why 3D imaging is better for a body scan begins with understanding why we love 2D photography for everything else.

When you take a photograph in 2D (like the gazillion selfies that you snap on your phone) you can completely alter the outcome by manipulating shadows and light, altering the color, and of course, using creative angles. The camera may see everything but knowing how to properly wield these elements makes the lens very forgiving.

3D is like that outspoken best friend with no filters who just lets it all hang out. It is stark, raw, and real, but also the very best way to actually see the progress you make. Photographs in 2D are subject to lighting issues that can mask your positive changes, or even make you look bigger than you actually are. 3D just tells it like it is, but at the same time allows you to see subtle changes in your body that you might otherwise miss.

How do you use your 3D body scan?

Getting your scan is fast and easy, but the information you can glean from your analysis can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Track your fitness progress. When you start working with one of our personal trainers, you get a scan. As you move through the program, you can get subsequent scans and see how your shape changes and how your health improves.
  • Get a visual on your weight loss efforts. Face it, the scale can be depressing. You work so hard to lose weight and you think its working because your clothes fir better, and you feel better. Then you get on the scale and the needle barely budges. It’s enough to knock you down. The truth is, your body is changing but it’s so subtle you can’t really see it. The 3D scan sees it though – and makes it visible to you.
  • Help your physical therapist help you better. Give your physical therapist information that will allow them to provide you with more effective treatment. They can also see how your body changes and how you are improving structurally.
  • Give your doctor detailed information on your physical condition. Take your analysis to your doctor to give them specific information regarding your risk for certain health conditions, your BMI, and other data that a typical physical exam might not reveal.
  • Send measurements to your tailor for a perfect fit. Your 3D image is just about as close to perfect as you can get. Zip those measurements to your tailor or seamstress for garments that fit like a glove.

How Accurate is It?

The Styku scan has a 1% margin of error. When you take into account other body fat testing methods such as calipers, tape measures, and Omron BMI testers, which have a margin of error that range from 4% to 8%, with the tape measure having an even higher incidence of error, it is an easy choice.

Tape measures have got to be the worst. Unless you mark yourself with a Sharpie, you aren’t likely to even measure yourself in the same spot each time. That can give you results that are higher or lower each time you measure.

The Styku scan is always the same. It is calibrated to automatically identify certain markers on the body, such as the hips, waist, and bust, then spread out from there to measure at numerous points all over the body. You will get accurate results every time because it will measure the exact same spots every single time.

How much does it cost?

The Styku 3D body scan is only $45 for all Hometown Fitness members. It is also a standard feature of our personal trainer packages. For non-members, the cost for asession,is just $60.

When you consider all the information that is contained in your analysis, you can’t deny that this is an outstanding value. This isn’t just some toy designed to cater to the hardcore fitness buff. It is a powerful wellness tool that can benefit you regardless of your age, health, or fitness level and you can’t put a price on your health.

Is it Harmful?

The Styku Body Scanner is perfectly safe. It is not an x-ray or MRI. It is simply a camera that reads the surface of your body to create an image based on the images it takes. It is non-invasive. In fact, no part of the equipment even touches you, save for the rotating disc that you stand on while the scanning is taking place. It is fast, easy, and poses no health risks whatsoever.

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What are the Benefits?

When you get a Styku 3D body scan, you will enjoy a number of incredible benefits:

  • 3D model of your body which is more accurate than photographs
  • Measures body fat percentage, BMI, body volume, and BMR
  • Assesses your waist to hip ratio to help determine certain health risks
  • Measurements at more than 20 points all over your body
  • Completely safe and non-invasive
  • Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels
  • Assesses posture
  • Provides data that is transferable for various uses including physical therapy, tailor measurements, etc.
  • Affordable
  • Track your fat loss goals
  • Monitor your changing body shape as you lose weight
  • Track your fitness level

Let Hometown Fitness hook you up with Styku, your high-tech solution for body fat testing. You don’t have to be a member to enjoy the awesome benefits, so come on by and discover them for yourself. This game changer is only available at Hometown Fitness.

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